Saturday, February 2, 2008

Former Classmates?

In case you didn't notice, there is a list on the right where I am compiling the names of those former classmates we’ve had over the years. Although they didn't graduate with us, we all have memories of growing up with these people and I feel they should be included in the fun here.
I could only remember a few least those I could spell. Jincy/Gincy Davis comes to mind, but I have no idea if that's how her name was spelled, so I won't add her to the list until I find the right spelling.
I know there are many more people we went to school with but am drawing a blank on their names.
Who am I forgetting?
Let me know in the comments or in email.

PS...if anyone has any info on any of the people in the Graduating Class list or the Former Classmates list, please let me know in email and I'll try to contact them. We don't want to get in trouble for posting private information publicly without permission.


jodi said...

Shale Messenger was another who didnt graduate with us, but I hear him & Angie Little (class of '87) are together & live around here somewhere. Naomi (Blakey) Henry, lives at Hurley.

Sandy said...

Oh wow! Shayle! How could I forget Shayle Messenger! LOL
Adding to the list. Thanks!

Sandy said...

I also remember Bobby Taylor and another guy named Scott but I can't think of his last name.
Remember that creepy twitching eyeball thing Shayle used to do?

Sandy said...

Gary something? Wasn't he Bumpers cousin? Was he in our class or class of '87?

jodi said...

Gary was in '87 i think. We also has Don Smith, remember him:) He was fun!

jodi said...
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Sandy said...

Oh yeah, Don Smith. Crazy ass clown he was! LOL

I also remember a girl named Cathy. Don't remember what grade she came to school in but she was Hispanic, I believe. Don't remember her last name.

Then there was the twins. First or second grade maybe? Girls name was Stephanie. She had really curly hair. I don't remember her brothers name either.

I added Don Smith. He would be hard to find with a name like that. My grandfathers name is Jim Smith. You can find a ton of Smiths all over but locating the exact one is torture. :)

Sandy said...

Shayle has been found! A friend of his has contacted me and I am asking her for permission to post his details on the blog. Sounds like he's doing pretty good right now.

Harbor said...

Hey Sandy! Update on Shayle that you already know. He was divorced when the last comment was made about him, I am now divorced, live in Texas with Shayle (small world huh?)I have my maiden name back so you can change that on here if you dont mind, & PLEASE remove that pic that has my ex in it. Thanks:)