Sunday, February 2, 2020

Welcome Clever High School Class of 1986!

The intent of this blog is to bring together past classmates and graduating members of the class of 1986 at Clever High School.

You must first be a registered member of in order to post new topics or leave comments here. I encourage you to use your first and last name during registration so everyone will know who you are. Anonymous postings or comments will not be allowed on this blog.

For those that have registered at and would like a password in order to post new entries on this blog, please email me through the link in my profile at the bottom right of this page. You do not need this password to leave comments but you do still have to register at

If blogging is not your thing, email me your stories, your pictures, your websites, anything you want to share and I will put it up for you. There's room for everyone.

I look forward to catching up with everyone and find out what everyone has been doing since we left school.

Welcome friends!


Strike said...

Interesting, I have checked other schools I went to. I have not found anything like this.
It seems strange to me seeing all the names listed. Though I left after the 8th grade, I have not seen any of the class since my freshman year.
I recently went on face book because I am an xboxer, I started looking around. So here I am.
I have tried to forget this place for 28 years. WoW looking at the names seems like yesterday.
I hope that things are well with all. And that life has brought to each what they wanted.

Tim Davis said...

matt ? hunter?